Since 2014, we have worked to decrease over-population within local animal shelters by providing our community with support resources and re-homing options for their companion pets.


Our Mission

Big Hearts Animal Welfare is a non-profit organization focused on decreasing the number of unnecessary euthanasia in Arizona through community education, rescue, and foster.

Big Hearts Animal Welfare is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization.

About Us

Big Hearts Animal Rescue was founded in 2014 by animal-lovers who wanted to be a part of a rescue that focuses 100% on animal welfare.  Our team believes that community education and resources are key factors in reducing Arizona's homeless animal population.  In 2017, we expanded our focus to include support and resources for pet-owners and other rescues in our community, with the intention of creating a network of people whose interests revolve around current and future companion animal welfare.  The board at Big Hearts Animal Welfare has vowed to maintain transparency, never put "business" before the mission, and to fully serve the mission through our words and actions.