Residents of Arizona have increased their awareness of the state's high animal euthanasia rates, inspiring many to form animal welfare and rescue groups.  Several of these groups start out with limited funds, preventing them from buying new animal transport hardware like wire crates and plastic kennels.


The Rescue Carrier Project is designed to provide local rescue groups with direct access to used and refurbished animal enclosures and transport hardware.h

Interested rescue organizations are required to complete a Rescue Carrier application prior to their inclusion as a participant in the program.  Fund and equipment for this project are reliant on community donations, making it important that Big Hearts Animal Welfare serve the participants who provide the most legitimate information regarding their organization's mission and future goals.  

Qualified organizations will receive free access to collected donations of metal animal enclosures and plastic animal transport crates.

Big Hearts Animal Welfare reserves the right to refuse assistance to any applicant or organization, or revoke an already enrolled participant, who has broken terms of signed participant agreement, is proven to be abusing the program, or whose actions are proven to be in conflict with the project's intentions or Big Hearts' mission statement.