Family pets are often surrendered to shelters when their family can no longer afford to provide the nutrition that they need.

The Big Hearts Pet Food Pantry is intended to provide pet food assistance for East Valley pet owners who are experiencing temporary financial hardship and can not afford to buy food for their dog(s) or cat(s).


This project is intended for residents of the greater 'East Valley' metropolitan-Phoenix region.  If you are located outside of this area, please contact your local Humane Society for assistance.

Funds and food for this project are are entirely reliant on community donations, making it critical that we assist those who are most in need.

Qualified applicants will receive a 30-day supply of pet food, for up to four (4) pets, once a month, for up to six (6) months.  After six months, renewal of the participant's application is required in order to reassess the participants' financial situation.

One application permitted per household.

Big Hearts Animal Welfare reserves the right to refuse assistance to anyone who does not meet a reasonable amount of project qualifications, has broken terms of signed participant agreement, is proven to be abusing the program, or whose actions are proven to be in conflict with the project's intentions or Big Hearts mission statement.


Applicants must qualify for all, or a combination of, the following requirements to be considered for inclusion.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Must live in the East Valley metro-Phoenix area.

  • Must provide documentation that all household pets are spayed or neutered. (If pets are not sterilized, applicant must agree to resource assistance, or reasonable timeline, toward pet sterilization.)

  • Must be enrolled in a state or federally funded assistance program, such as: Medicaid (ACHHS); Social Security Disability (SSD); Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP/food-stamps); Woman, Infants, & Children Assistance (WIC); or unemployment.

  • Must be experiencing temporary low income/financial hardship in which annual household income (before taxes) falls below the current national poverty guidelines.

  • Must have completed initial application and provided all requested proof of qualification. (This includes proof of low income via household tax return, W2, paystub, or written explanation.) Please ensure that sensitive information is redacted from any submitted documents.

  • Must have completed release of liability and participant agreement, in which terms and conditions of the Big Hearts Pet Food Pantry are accepted.


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